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Penscratch är ett enkelt, responsivt och väldigt stilrent WordPress-tema från Automattic – företaget bakom Det har stöd för en logotyp i sidhuvudet, framhävda bilder och stiliga blockcitat, men det är i första hand byggt för de som vill att deras blogg ska ha få så funktioner (och distraktioner) som möjligt. Om du vill att dina ord och bilder ska stå i centrum så är det här temat för dig.

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  1. I’m there for every final table that’s broadcast on The levels definitely move fast, but there’s also still plenty of play. I’d say the majority of the tables I’ve watched have seen just as many moves made/bluffs caught/pots stolen as I’ve seen at longer final tables – all the things I associate with talking about how much play a structure gives those competing for the top prize. The good players are generally still winning bracelets (e.g. Phil Hellmuth, Allen Cunningham, Tom Schneider) or getting their shots at them (e.g. John Phan, Gavin Smith, Phil Ivey, Erik Cajelais, Jeff Lisandro, Humberto Brenes) and that’s the way it was before. The donkeys are still winning their share, too, but that’s the way it’s been for several years now. Even with longer final table levels, the donkeys can always get lucky. That’s just part of the game.From my perch beside the final table, things pretty much look the same as ever. The one exception is that now people can have a nice meal and relax for the night (or just rest up for the next day’s event) when they’re done going for the bracelet. When you’re in town for two months, planning to play all the time, the effect of extra R+R time after a final table can’t be overstated.

  2. I have never hear of bettyanne brownies but they sound delicious. Thanks for linking up and sharing. I'm sorry it's taking this long to stop by and say yum. 😉

  3. hey, hvis garnet bliver alt for forskellig kvalitet, så får opskriften nemt skylden. Enten skal du pakke ellers skal du sætte meget specifikke krav til butikkerne.MvhSusanne

  4. I am glad they expanded the list so that it is more inclusive but I do think that some of the bigger blogs like the usual Dooce, etc should have their own lists

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